Bushel & Bee is a local gem where people can come together, converse, and drink great cider and beer in a down to earth, welcoming, and dog-friendly atmosphere. We are not a restaurant nor a dive bar. Whether you're a Leavenworth local or just here on vacation, you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled into the community’s living room. We are committed to this place and the people who call it home.

Both apples & cider and beer & hops have long been a symbol of community ties that transcend time and connect generations to one another. Like the name suggests, Bushel & Bee Taproom is highly committed to community and sharing our passion for quality crafted cider, beer, & mead in a unique and memorable atmosphere.



About The Founder


“Bushel & Bee all started with my search for what to do next in life.  While my path has taken me through numerous careers and on ample adventures, the community has always stood out as something to both value and foster. So, while wine tasting with my sister and brother in law in one of my early raft guide stomping grounds of Leavenworth Washington, I asked a simple question that would forever change my path. “Are there any cider tasting rooms or cider taprooms in town?”. The answer was…not yet!

From the first days of googling “how to write a business plan” through the demolition and construction to finally serving those first pints on the night of our soft opening, this has been a labor of love brought to fruition by community and family who believed in making this vision a reality.”  
-Kayla Applebay

Breaking ground and building community since spring 2017